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    SLSF 552, repower, 1966

    SLSF 552, Springfield, MO, 1966, repowered by EMD 10-1960. Notice the long hood has been modified to accept the new engine.

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  2. The June 2007 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman contains an article by Richard Napper, who has been mentioned before in this webforum, describing his kitbash of a couple of these locomotives, one in black-&-gold and one in orange-&-white.
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    One of my favorite photo prints is one purchased from a train show dealer years ago. It shows 554 and 543 MUed (!) and working a local at Mountain Grove, MO August 1955. Photographer unknown. So, at least one of the RS-2s had MU capability.

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  4. Great shot Doug. Thanks for sharing that.
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  6. They are hard to come by. Attractive machines though I think. I love the Frankenstein look of the rebuilds too.
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    Pictures of unadulterated Frisco RS-2's are indeed hard to come by.

    I far prefer pics of them as Alco and God intended, but the rebuilds are interesting in their own way.
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    Did they chopped up an RS 2 to an EMD body ( gp 7 ) ?
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    Yup. Unlike the FA1's, not one RS-2 escaped.

    The Frisco sent them to EMD and EMD used GP9 long hoods w/48" fans to accomplish the dirty deed. Here's a couple pics of the results:

    In black w/yellow stripes:


    And orange and white:


    The end result was better than no RS-2 at all... but the end product was not nearly as svelte as was originally produced by Alco.
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  10. The long hoods use two large (48”?)fans like a GP 18.

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