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Discussion in '4-8-4 Northern' started by HWB, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. HWB

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    Took some pics of 4500 in Tulsa today. They are in my album


  2. U-3-b

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    Are they still working on her regularly?

  3. FRISCO4503

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    She is in a heck-of-a lot better shape than she was in last time I saw her. Hopefully they will get her back to lookin like her old self pretty soon.
  4. HWB

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    I didn't see any signs of work. I read that sometime in the future it is supposed to go on display in Southwest Tulsa. Where it sits now the vandals will find it.
  5. Steve40cal

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    Apparently the 4500 along with a passenger car and a Frisco outside braced caboose are being put on display today in a new park along Southwest Blvd (Old Highway 66) in West Tulsa. The TSU has a switch installed in their tracks along Southwest Blvd and temporary panels have been laid over the road to reach the park. I can't believe they are putting this equipment in an unsecured area for display. I'm sure Krylon sales are going up in the West side of town. Steve.
  6. HWB

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  7. meteor910

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    Boy, even bracketed by a couple of SW's, the 4500 really looks good. Powerful looking beast!

    Sure wish I could have seen #9 go by behind one of these guys.

  8. mvtelegrapher

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    The Tulsa West Sertoma group needs to be commended for taking on the herculean task of restoring the 4500 and the other equipment and putting them on display. As for the equipment being in an unsecured area, they are working with a company and raising money to install a fence around the display. They have also aquired a tank car and boxcar and that will also be added to the display. When the equipment is secured then work will commence on restoring the interior of the cars and the cab of the locomotive with the goal of having all of this open for tours on special occasions. They are also planning on hooking up an air compressor so that the whistle on the 4500 can be blown.

    John Chambers
  9. Frisco1157

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    Thanks yardmaster. We also won an award, Sat. 9-10-11 from the Tulsa Preservation Commission for the preservation and restoration of the 4500. Quite an honor. I am proud of the accomplishment. 90 % or more of the work on the locomotive was accomplished before I came on board, so the credit on 4500 goes to those who came before me. I was deeply involved in restoration of the tender, Murray Hill and the Frisco 1157 caboose. See the before and after pictures at townwestsertomaclub.org and Route66village.org
    Bob Schwarz|-|
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