3741-3752; 0-6-0

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    This class was the last of the Frisco-ordered 0-6-0's. They were practically "identical" to their 3671-3675 class and to their 3731-3740 class sisters, however, the 3741 class engines used a more modern radial stay firebox. This class sported a slightly larger tender, which carried 3-1/2 tons more coal than her senior sisters.

    If one adjective could be used to describe the locomotives of these three classes, it would be "chunky"

    3741 retired Jan 1952
    3742 retired Aug 1948
    3743-3745 retired Jan 1952
    3746 retired Mar 1949
    3747 sold Feb 1949 Southern Rock Co
    3748 retired Aug 1948
    3749 retired retired Sept 1952, leased to Al State Prison, sold Nov 1966, and donated to Church Street Station, Pensacola, FL

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