3686-3695; 0-6-0

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    This class was indentical to the 3676-3685 class 0-6-0's, which were puchased by the "KCFS&M" a year earlier.

    3686 retired Sept 1934
    3687 retired May 1946
    3688 retired Feb 1939
    3689 retired July 1939
    3690 sold Dec 1948 to Woodstock Slag Co, Woodward, AL
    3691 retired July 1939
    3692 retired Mar 1945
    3693 retired Mar 1939
    3694 retired Apr 1947
    3695 sold 1937 Scullin Steel, St Louis, MO; 1956 stuffed and mounted at the Museum of Transport, St Louis, MO

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    Thanks Karl. These are great.

    Unfortunately, our friend SLSF/Scullin 3695 is not "stuffed and mounted" very well. It sits neglected and rusty. At least it has been pulled out of the weeds and poison ivy back in the back (close to the tunnel) where it sat for decades. It's in a good location now, and begs to be given a cosmetic upgrade. As a NMOT member, I've been urging that, but to no avail yet.

    It's an 0-6-0 (which the museum does not have many of), it's from a famous local St Louis road (SLSF - now gone), and in its later life served a famous St Louis railroad industry (Scullin Steel - now also gone). What better museum piece could they want at the NMOT in St Louis?


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