3632-3633 0-6-0

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    These two locomotive from the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works were built for the the KC,FtS, & M during October 1893. Originally numbered 115-116, they were renumbered to 632-633, 1632-1633, 3632-3633. There is photographic evidence to suggest that the Kansas City, Ozark, and Southern, may have leased, borrowed, or purchased the 3632 during the early 20's.


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    Karl, this may have been covered in an earlier thread, as I work to catch up on a backlog of new posts. Do you know of a rough time frame for the renumberings?

    At the latest, I'd guess the 1632-1633 to 3632-3633 would have occurred around the time the Bolsheviks were assigned by USRA.

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