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    To All:
    Attached are 4 photos that I took between October 1978 and June 1979 probably in the Wichita, KS Frisco yard. I didn’t document my shots so that is why I can’t pinpoint the time and location exactly.
    The photos show a string of 8 recently out-shopped boxcars with 5 50ft. Missouri Pacific cars and 3 40 ft. Frisco cars sandwiched in the middle of them. The Frisco cars are 24004, 24006, and 24005 lined up left to right. I assume these are rebuilt PS-1's
    By enlarging the side shot I took of car #24004 it shows a shop date of SF 10-78. The cars have had the roofwalks removed but retain the high ladders and brake wheel. There is a placard in the lower left corner warning of the lack of a roofwalk. I also assume the cars received a new door and would like someone to identify the type.
    I for one would like to see Kadee produce this car and if Ken or someone else feels the same and wants to contact them that would be great. Their current catalog doesn’t list that particular door being available separately.
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    I'm pretty sure that Kadee will never do these cars, one they don't remove roofwalks if the cars came with them originally, two there is some stiffening under the door, plus the tack boards got moved to the car body, three they won't produce the Frisco shops built door, this is a scratch build, looks like a Superior door but it's not. Perhaps some Herald King decals and a Kadee as a starting point. Probably all for grain loading!?

    Nick Molo

  3. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Frisco.org Supporter


    Look at stock #6347 which is a BAR 50' PS-1 originally built in 1962 and shopped 10-73. It has low ladders and no roofwalk. Do you know if it was built that way? If not then Kadee maybe be starting to do some of these. I agree with you that the home built door is another issue.
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    Hey Bob,

    This is a special case, you're right because it was originally built in 1962 it would have had roofwalks and high ladders. However, due to BAR modifying them very neatly, eg. cutting high ladders down, lowering brake wheels, and removing roofwalks very cleanly (leaving no trace of those parts). The Kadee can justify in using one of their existing bodies with those matching configurations.

    To date they haven't moulded a forty-footer without running boards, and perhaps never, but who knows for sure. Sam Clarke at Kadee is very approachable, ask him if they will do that type of car. But don't be surprised that he'll say, yes maybe one day, which is a worse answer.



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