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    I bought a 215 Atlas Selector today not really knowing whether or not I can use for controlling isolated blocks. (I didn't even know they existed until I saw them in a store today.) Since I got home, I've read where the 215 Atlas selectors are used for reverse loops. Since it has 4 switches, I'm hoping there's a way I can wire it to control my 4 blocks in one little package (instead of 4 separate toggle switches), right next to the power pack and turnout remotes. Here's my track plan. Can I use the 215 selector to toggle power to the 2 blocks in each of the 2 run-arounds (a total of 4 blocks) and if so, how should I wire it?
    - Brandon
    P.S. - I really only want to use 1 power pack. I just need a way to make the 4 switches cut power off and on from a single power pack to each of the 4 blocks. I will wire the curves to the bus without any switches. I also need to be told again... what gauge wire should I use for a bus, for feeders, and for turnout remotes? By the way, due to what I've read about the atlas turnout remotes, I plan on using an extra power pack for the turnout remotes unless someone here says something differently.
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