2021 RPM Meet/WNIMR

Discussion in 'General' started by Ozarktraveler, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. Ozarktraveler

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    Nice interview Steve.

    Cams did catch Carla and I there, twice, but didn't catch my face. Lol.

  2. Thanks Craig. Hope to see ya next year there.
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  3. gstout

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    Saw you got some coverage at the recent RPM. Good for you! Your models are amazing. Now, have you ever thought about modeling something brand-new, right off the showroom floor?

  4. Thanks for the kind words Greg. I appreciate it.

    I occasionally build something clean but it’s like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. Just feels wrong. Ha
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  5. Here’s a sample Greg. Not factory but clean. When I had time for the model car club we did monthly themes. So it forced me out of the box. Sorry these are pretty dusty. They are long in the tooth.
    6E004920-33CA-4545-A9CC-6640F651ACE6.jpeg C0CDD74B-8226-484F-AFA4-81112EE65175.jpeg 0F191BD2-D903-4EA0-B77C-A69BEA1A0011.jpeg 19B3A6D4-4FC2-46A6-8E7E-6F3E0DC0AE73.jpeg 993364B8-63B3-41E3-8566-A02EDB847573.jpeg D8CE9812-86CD-41A6-B7C7-1047763B62C0.jpeg AF9906FF-471C-4056-AAA4-354721FCADEA.jpeg 108AC4BE-8379-402B-995B-F34F4A10D7D7.jpeg 6CC8D7F2-9FCF-4C24-9027-C767C26A2C96.jpeg 3C7E4EE9-9C73-43A9-91D9-29A8417246C3.jpeg
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  6. frisco1522

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    Well, what's not neat is that I didn't see ANY steam models in the video. More proof that I'm an old dinosaur. Bah humbug.
  7. gstout

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    I have built a fair number of model cars over the course of my life (yep, I'm a car guy. I've owned about 30 over the years), and I find it's very difficult to get the paint to look right unless you are going for an enamel (i.e., non-metallic) finish. I think the pigment grains in the paint are just too large to look right in close-up. Anyway, thanks for the new post. That War Wagon looks great.

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  8. geep07

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    DO NOT ATTEMPT to adjust your viewing screen.
    These are Steve Hurt models they appear to be clean . Do not adjust your viewing screen to make them dirty!
  9. Well Don, I won’t say there is no steam at that show. But it is a minority for sure. Freight cars out number everything. Followed by diesels. Steam and passenger subjects both there but limited numbers.

    But at the smaller RPM here in central Ohio there is probably more steam than anything.
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  10. I agree Greg, paint with any flake can be tough in smaller scales. Glad you like that little truck. To give it a gasser look I shortened the bed as far as possible. War Wagon was all I could spell and make fit, from a couple sets of little red wagon decals. Ha

    John, please don’t tell people I polish paint sometimes. Ha. Nice public service announcement there too.
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