2011 Frisco Convention Details from Ron Williams

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  1. friscomike

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    On behalf of Ron Williams:

    Whether you are already registered or not I thought I would update you on some new details on what we have planned for you.

    We have a full day of activities planned for the ladies. There is no charge for their participation but meals and other purchases will be their responsibility. Transportation will be provided.

    • Current plans are to leave from the registration center in the Frisco Building at 9 am and drive to Mansfield, MO where the Laura Ingalls Wilder Festival is being held. Mrs. Wilder's books became the basis for the TV show "Little House ont he Prairie".A tour of the author's home and museum is planned.

    • From there it's on the Ozark, MO for lunch at the Jazz Cafe known for it's excellent food, reasonable prices and antique store.

    • Then the ladies will go to Branson where they can visit the many shops on Branson Landing before dinner at one of the restaurants on the banks of Lake Taneycomo.

    • After dinner they will return to Springfield.

    On Saturday night we will have four men representing over 100 years of experience working for the Frisco who will be part of a round table discussion beginning at 7 pm.

    • George Clinkenbeard started his career as a Call Boy for the engine crews and ultimately rose to the position of VP of Administration for the BN.

    • Steve Counts was an engineer, road foreman and trainmaster.

    • Larry Phillips was an electrician. He did many different jobs while working in the Diesel Shop in Springfield.

    • Guy Pollard worked in the signal department. He was also in train service as a trainmaster and later Terminal Assistant Superintendent, Director of Safety, Division Superintendent. The BN sent him to Seattle to be the Director of Safety which he did until retiring.
    Following their portion of the evening's activities we will be ready for any of you who have slides you wish to share with the rest of us. Hope you can join us.

    Ron Williams
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  2. DanHyde

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    Wish I could attend, but, no more vac. this year due to recovery from surgery. Larry Phillips is my cousin-in-law, married to a McGilvry. My McGilvry family has over 100 years of service to the Frisco!! Maybe I can find a way???!!!
  3. meteor910

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    For the THIRD year in a row, I will not be able to attend the Frisco convention. As plans now stand, we will be in Ireland while you all are Friscoizing. Wish I could be there - having it in the Frisco's old Springfield home will be quite nice.

  4. friscobob

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    I have already circled this weekend on my calendar, and made sure I have the time off before and after this weekend. And, since there are ladies' activities, I'm gonna see about bringing the missus along (but knowing here, she'd rather spend much of that time at Bass Pro Shops :D ).
  5. TAG1014

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    I passed Bass Pro Shops on Mother's Day, parking lots were mosrty empty. I can hear it now:"We're not going to ****** Bass Pro Shops on MOTHER'S DAY you ******!"
  6. wmrx

    wmrx MP Trainmaster

    I know that everyone is different, but my wife really enjoys going to Bass Pro Shops. She's a lot more interested in fishing and hunting than I am. She likes the clothing department, as well. :D
  7. friscobob

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    Well, that's TWO wives for Bass Pro- anyone else? :D Worse comes to worst, they can both ditch the regular tour and just prowl thru Bass Pro's aisles.
  8. friscobob

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    I took it upon myself to pass the word at Trainboard.com. There are several other Frisco modelers there besides myself and Charlie Dix, and I'm sure they'd like to know about it. Would anybody mind if I were to pass along the poster Ron made if they asked for it?
  9. friscomike

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    No problem, post where ever you wish. Good idea for Trainboard. Mike
  10. treefrog

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    For second year in a row due to my health I must pass on the Springfield Convention. In fact if I have any good health between now and then have a long list of catch up tasks to perform between household and laying track for my layout. Having missed a great affair last year even closer to home I will ask that someone take pictures as last year's photos of gang and activities were fantastic. My Best wishes to all, there may come a day I actualy appear or post a sign of progress for my home Frisco efforts.

    Rick Mathews
  11. friscobob

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    I just discovered that the next meeting of the Indian NAtions Division of the NMRA is on September 17 in Tulsa. Oh well, I have a pretty good reason not to be there (as should some of the other Tulsa-area Friscophiles). Ain't every day I get to do all Frisco, all the time.....hopefully I'll have some things to bring along to share.
  12. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Barring the unforseen, I will be there. I will likely bring my S scale Frisco SW to display, and hopefully another S scale engine. (If I finish it in time.) I'm also toying with the idea of bringing my computer and letting some of you try your hand at running trains in V scale?

  13. friscobob

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    By all means! BTW, have you ever thought of reposting those stories of riding the extra Frsico freight north of Ft. Smith to Springdale? Those and the color shots of the B/Y Geeps were awesome!
  14. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Hi Glen (did I get that correct?):

    I think you are referring to the essay "The Trip". Unfortunately, that essay is on a corrupted disk. I hope to "someday" salvage some of the data and reconstruct the article.

  15. Ron Williams

    Ron Williams Member

    If you thought you knew everything there is to know about “The history of the KCC&S” come see what Bradley Scott has found during the 2011 Frisco Convention, Saturday, September 17th at the Frisco Building in Springfield, MO.

    See the rolling stock, get some modeling ideas focusing on the area from Clinton to Ash Grove and Springfield. Included are several interesting potential layout design elements like the Clinton yard, Deepwater, the Dickey Clay Pipe factory and the Phenix Quarry.
    Lots of fun activities for the ladies too.
    Seating is limited so register now to reserve your spot and save. Registration is only $25 but goes to $35 on September 1.

    Contact Ron White at RWWhite51@sbcglobal.net
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  16. friscobob

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    Bob, actually.......but hey, it's all good. ;)

    Sorry to hear that disk got corrupted. It was a good story, and the pic of those GP7s exiting the north portal of Winslow Tunnel was awesome!
  17. friscobob

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    Somewhere along the line I recieved an email mentioning the convention was Sept. 9-10. Kinda threw me into an Oh-CRAP mode for a second, but I'm sure it was a typo. It IS on the 17th, right? Can't remember who sent it to me, but it was a hurry-up-and-register type of message.
  18. klrwhizkid

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    The 2011 Frisco Convention is on September 17, 2011 in Springfield, Mo at the Frisco Building, 3253 E Chestnut Expressway.
  19. friscobob

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    I thought so- I had received an email with attachments claiming the comvention was the 9th & 10th. Not sure where that came from, and I can't even remember the name of the person who sent me the registration form. It could prove confusing to someone who hasn't known the date for a while, or who hasn't kept up on things.

    Anyway, I Googled the location of the hotel, and it's a short distance from the Frisco Building, so distance is no problem. And there looks to be some good places to eat nearby as well. Already I'm excited. :)
  20. klrwhizkid

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    Just to let everyone know, door prizes will be given out by lottery drawing again, same as last year. Last year Athearn was top dog in donations with locomotives and rail cars. Kadee was very well represented with a number of their fine cars. Our own Dale Rush (trainsignguy) came through big time with quite a few of his Blair Line creations.

    This year sixty (60) manufacturers and vendors were approached for donations and the prizes have already been arriving. Attendance is necessary to receive a prize, so get registered and take advantage of a great opportunity to meet and mingle with like-minded friends.

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