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Discussion in 'EA7' started by Coonskin, Mar 23, 2019.

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    In the archives at this link...


    ...there is a superb picture by Mike Condren of E7A #2002 headed north out of Van Buren, Arkansas with THREE units and a passenger train that stretches out of sight.

    I do wonder what the occasion was, for that is VERY unusual for that train given the era. Anyone know? A "Directors Special"? Some type of troop movement? (Ft. Chaffee.) Something else?

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    I'd tend to agree with the caption that it's a troop train. Way more motive power than I would expect for a director's special, no head-end cars (Baggage/RPO). If not for the white flags on 2002, the apparently mid-day sun angle would rule out 709/710 based on their 1961 ETT schedule for Van Buren.

    I need to look and see if we have any synopsis lying around her on 709/710. It would be nice to have a summarized history of this train. Also would be interested in knowing more about troop train movements in/out of Ft. Chaffee.

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    Well, Chris, not only am I a bit on the retarded side, but apparently my reading comprehension skills ain't the best, either. Read right past that "troop train" thing in the caption. That non-mystery of mine is solved!

    Love the pic.


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