1961 Gateway AR train wreck video and more

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    OzarkviewDOTcom has a few videos of interest you can download watch and watch for free, including the aforementioned train wreck and more. They ask you abide by the copyright info at the bottom of the page.
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    It is an enjoyable video that spends some time on related subjects before getting to the main ones of the storm and the derailment. QA&P fans will appreciate seeing a QA&P "coonskin" on one of the cars in the wreck scene. Others will like the process of placing the outside-braced boxcar back on its trucks.
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    The station at Gateway,AR was created to handle incoming shipments of steel and electrical equipment associated with the Corps of Engineers Beaver Dam project located near Eureka Springs, AR. It is still used by Frisco successor Arkansas & Missouri RR as a trans shipment point for sand from the Arkansas River at Van Buren, AR for destined cement plants .
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    After the dam was completed equipment was kept there thru the '70s. My uncle gave me rides on a Honda S90 all around and amongst it. There were two very small locomotives used for dam construction as well. :)
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