1953/56 acquired heavyweights from Pullman

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  1. Mostly in 1953, and 1956 about 50 heavyweight sleeping cars were acquired from Pullman. Mostly 12 Sec- 1 Drm and a few 16 and 14 section tourist cars, what happened to these cars when received.

    Where they converted to coaches or work service or other?

    If converted to coaches, were the interiors modified?

    Any help with indentification would be appreciated.

    Thanks Richard, aka Hvywghtcurious
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    There are lists of Frisco Pullmans in one of the old scanned FMIG newsletters. One list is of the cars and their assigned m/w numbers and another list with car names, configuration (12-1, 10-2 etc.) and the numbers that the Frisco assigned to them while still in passenger service. (NOTE EDIT): All those Pullman lists mentioned above are in FMIG newsletter #44 January 1986.

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  3. Thankyou Tom, I have found the newsletter and it has the information I am looking for. I appreciate your help


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