1918 ICC valuation Hackett AR (Frisco Mansfield Branch)

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    Here is some of the Hackett, AR information which was found in the 1918 ICC valuation of the Frisco. I'll try and add additional information later, if anyone is interested. The records contain things like detailed inventories of the depots etc. I'm sure there is a lot of information that I missed and I definitely plan a return trip. The big problem with these records is you have to research them. The material is not together in one volume but scattered through different volumes of the reports. Be prepared to spend some time searching.

    The very nice folks at Missouri State are VERY helpful and would like for people to take advantage of the resources there. The records don't just start and stop with 1918. As you can see here, earlier conditions are sometimes referenced and notes keep things (like abandonments) updated into the 1940's at least.


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    Wow, John. This stuff opens up entirely new cans of worms for us Coal Belt junkies!

    Regarding the "abandoned roundhouse and turntable":

    Listed to be at MP 431.6. That would be .2 of a mile east of the MV crossing, which was at MP 431.4.

    If I correctly recall our email exchanges concerning this area, was there not an alledged engine facility on the branch, previously thought to be at Jenson? Perhaps it was at Hackett instead? (I'm sure you noticed the typo "Hachett" on the report!)

    Logic could lean in the direction that Hackett contained the engine facilities. For there to be engine facilities, there also needs to be places for the crews to live/sleep/etc. Was Jenson ever truly significant enough to warrant being a "town"? In times past, was it more practical to locate the engine facilities at Hackett (City), which was indeed a significant town "then". (Still is... somewhat.)

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your findings!

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    Another possibility is Huntington. Some accounts say that an engine was kept there until the mid 1920's for switching the mines and they did have a water tank. I don't know anything about a shop there, however.

    The "slicker" engine stayed at Mansfield on the end of the line. It was refueled by the "watchman" who shoveled coal from a coal car into the tender all night, every night.

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