1907 Frisco Tell Tale plan

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    I hesitate to repost too many early Standard Plans prints since a number of them are virtual duplicates of the small versions printed in RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF WAY AND STRUCTURES (JUL 1914) available here at OPERATIONS - Rules of the Transportation Department. This Tell Tale print is an example, however this one has enough additional detail to perhaps justify posting it here.

    Tell Tale print.jpg
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    Keep posting the Standard Plans that have additional details they are very important documents that need to be shown.

  3. William Jackson

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    Yes that is neat stuff, keep posting
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    Anyone ever hear stories of old-time brakemen that would've gotten a thwack by one of these? I can't imagine that it would have felt very good, but was obviously preferable to the alternative thwack of the actual obstruction.

    I'll echo Bill and Joe's comments: whatever you have on hand to post, please carry on.

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