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    This upload probably doesn't have any practical use, but I thought some of the items were interesting. Taken from my early Standard Plans book, this section covered requisitions for maintenance of way supplies. I had to break my pdf into pieces in order to upload it.

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    Here are the last few pages of this section (requisitions of material) of the Standard Plans book.

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    John- This is very interesting material. One of our NRHS chapter members has obtained a late model Fairmont speeder and will have it on display at National Train Day in Fort Smith.We actually have some of the items noted for Track Tools. Still looking for snaths !!!
    Saturday, May 25- Train Day (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM) at the Frisco depot in Fort Smith, in conjunction with the Fort Smith National Historic site of the National Park Service . Fort Smith had a storied railroad history including the Frisco, the Missouri Pacific , the Midland Valley RR, the Fort Smith & Western, and the Kansas City Southern Railway .We will celebrate this heritage in the 1903 Frisco depot with images , railroad artifacts, maps and local history programs. Model railroad trains will be available for operation by young and old. This event is FREE.

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