1890-1920 Rolling Stock of the SABRR

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    LOL...The SABRR is a dry road. No worries...
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    I´m relived to learn that Rule G is in effect for employees while on duty. Is there a Railroad Saloon on the SABRR for off duty recreation?

    I don´t guess you have the LaBelle Hanrahan center ice bunker loading reefers? The Santa Fe and Colorado Midland rostered them, the CM having a car size Ute Native American on the right side of the carbody.

    I think he drank Coors. LOL

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    More cars to join the SABRR...

    CNW Furniture.JPG Heinz Figs 484.JPG Swift Refrigerator Line.JPG Armour Refrigeration.JPG El Paso & NW.JPG Heinz Mustand 486.JPG Western Fruit Express.JPG Bluff City Brewery.JPG Raineer Beer.JPG Liebens.JPG Chicago Kalamazoo & Michigan.JPG Geo Ehrets.JPG Newport News and Mississippi Valley.JPG Barmanns Ale.JPG Miller.JPG Heinz Malt Vinegar 411.JPG Morrell Meats.JPG Black Eagle Beer.JPG Detroit Grand Rapids & Michigan.JPG NYC&STL.JPG Heinz Olive Oil 414.JPG Merchants.JPG Fortune Bros Brewing.JPG Heinz Baked Beans 322.JPG B&O SW.JPG Heidel Brau.JPG Texas & Pacific.JPG MKT Automobiles.JPG

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    Focus is now changing to 40' and 51' Double Sheathed Box Cars. The 40's will be all Frisco. The 51's will be Frisco Furniture cars and some other roads. Like always, I will add more Heinz pickle works. I just love the Heinz cars. They are too cool! American Model Builders makes a great pickling station and I have the perfect building for the processing plant to put across the yard!

    More pics to come!
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    ?Will the SABRR run south of the border down Mexico way or interchange with a Mexican railway?



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    Yes, since the SA&AP went down to Corpus Christi, it connected with several other lines, including the Brownsville Railroad. You will see some Mexican lines shortly, but not an abundance, from interchanging.
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    I´m sure you have the SA&AP "bible" by Hedge and Dawson. I found a mint copy recently for the unheard of price of $35.00! It, along with my still shrinkwrapped Frisco Diesel Power book for $37.00, were the best bargans I have found in several years! An excellent copy of Mexican Narrow Gauge, the Howell-North book by Best, is on the way. It was $30.00.

    It is a pity that Yoakum´s Frisco empire didn´t survive. It would have been interesting to see how the Frisco map would have looked today and if it had remained independent? Wonder if a Frisco-Rock Island merger would have come to pass?

    Do you have your own website for the SABRR?

    WARNING! On all trains heading towards Old Mexico, be sure the crews look out for Pancho Villa! He is alive and well!

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    I haven't started one, but once track laying commences, then yes, I will create a web page that is colorful, periodic music, full of railroad sounds of the period and a lot of fun, filled with facts and tid-bits of the SA&AP and the FRISCO under the Yoakum Era. As for Panco Villa, who knows. There may be a train raid or two. LOL...
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    Since my start in HO back in 1961 with the Atlas layout "Simplicity & Great Plains" I´ve had at least a million plus ideas on other projects. I considered doing the Ft. Worth & Rio Grande as a re-acquired Frisco property and aptly renamed Texas & Rio Grande Western (with apologies to the late Bill McClanahan of Dallas and author of the book "Scenery for Model Railroads"). The line would have extended to the Mexican border, and like Bill, used the flying Rio Grande albeit within the Coonskin!

    The "crack" passenger would have been The Conquestidor operating out of Dallas. Equipment was to be RDCs. Freights would have originated in Ft. Worth out of the Frisco yard. A modern Pancho would have drove a Ford Bronco but he wouldn´t have been a robber but a track inspector. Ho ha! Sure lookin´ forward to your site! Any idea who the smallest beer brewer in Texas was?

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    Here is some information about Beer Brewers in San Antonio. This web site has a history of all the breweries around the state over the century. Take a look see.

    Texas Breweries

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