1890-1920 Rolling Stock of the SABRR

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    No Tom, they are not. All the cars are Art Griffin decals. The cars themselves are stripped and repainted to match the actual prototype colors. Art includes that information with
    his decals.


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    New arrivals to the San Antonio de Bexar Railroad fleet...

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    Some more...

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    LOL... It is going to be so nerve racking to weather these...
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    Why don't you "lightly" weather them with artists' pastel chalks and a make-up brush? Pastels can be "undone." While spraying (Like with a rust or grimy black) can't.


    Edit: You might like: http://www.steamfreightcars.com/index.html
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    Hey Y'all,

    Great news! More revenue cars have joined the fleet. Take a look at these beauties. More pics uploading in a few, but I'll show these for now....

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    More cars...

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    Last few...

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    I have gotten word that my fleet of thirty (30) SA&AP Palace Stock Cars are completed. They will be arriving soon. Pics to follow...

    Thanks for looking y'all!
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    I like the Lemp cars - famous old St Louis brewing family.


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    I'm presently trying to find 50' DS for furniture cars. Art Griffin has multiple FRISCO furniture cars decal sets and I want to have some of them. I've been trying to keep the roads from St. Louis down through Texas, since cars didn't see the mileage that today's do.

    Doesn't my friend do good work? I love the cars he makes for me.
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    Hi everyone, where are you finding these wonderful decals? Clover House?

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    Beautiful cars, beautiful era to model!

    Don Ross, the picture guy, modeled this era in the late 60s. He still lives in Irving, Texas, but is no longer a modeler far as I know. His railroad was HO and called the Chicago & Lake Superior.

    Does the SABRR have the freight car(s) that Anheuser-Busch operated from St. Louis to Dallas? Seems like Champ or Walthers may have had decals for them years ago. The(y) car(s) carried lettering for special movement between St. Louie and Big D to the Adoulpus Hotel. I assume they were routed Frisco-Katy, although guess a direct Frisco route was possible. The TRRA boys might know more?

    Joe Toth
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    If you can get me more information on those AB cars, I'll look into it. There are a host of AB decals available and if there are any on the Dallas to St. Louis line, I'll be sure to get them. I am starting now to focus more on SL-SF cars, and the surrounding roads. I have enough of other revenue cars and now need home road cars.
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    www.greatdecals.com has decal listings from several decal manufacturers.

    See Art Griffin decals, page 39.

    You will pull up the decal sheet with the car lettered The Adolphus, SLRX 2198. "Owned and Operated by The Dallas Hotel Company".

    Neat car!

    Joe Toth
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    I will be sure to have a few built. Gotta have the Texas roads in the mix, and that is perfect. San Antonio has a huge AB presence and back in the 1900's had quite a few breweries. That's why I have the beer cars!
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    SLRX of course refers to St. Louis Refrigerator Car Company. This was the reporting mark for the beer cars that Manufacturer's Railway Company handled at the brewery for filling. There was a separation between the entity having car ownership and the railroad for some time, but by 1987, all rolling stock carried the Manufacturer's mark.

    The "Busch Budwieser (sic)" decal set on page 3 of the Art Griffin set would also apply to the era and so would the "Busch Malt Nutrine" set on page 4. Malt Nutrine would be more applicable to Prohibition later in the era, 1918-1920 (and on to 1932). Photos and memories of the car at the Museum of Transport suggest the background on the car sides was white, but the doors were dark and probably "boxcar red oxide," though they may have been a truer red. The Budweiser Car set on page 68 probably is taken from the one at the Museum of Transport.

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    Awesome, awesome, awesome collection of vintage rolling stock!!! Especially love those cars representing St. Louis (btw, GO CARDINALS!). The Wm J. Lemp beer car is my personal favorite. My Dad worked for McCarthy Bros. Construction as a heavy equipment operator and I remember him coming home with bottle after bottle (empty of course) of Lemp/Falstaff beer that he dug up while excavating an old city dump. The brewery closed down when Prohibition was enacted, thus adding to the sad, morbid story of the Lemp family.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
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    Hope the TRRA boys read this thread and offer more information on the Adolphus car(s) and what they transported to Dallas. With all the beer reefers on the SABRR is Rule G in effect for railroad employees while on duty?

    Joe Toth

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