1632 Pilot Mounted Air Compressor

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    Several of the Bolsheviks carried air compressors on the pilot beam. While in the KC area several weeks ago, I made a side trip to Belton and took these shots of the 1632.

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    Comrades - 8^)

    See Karl's post regarding these Russians at

    Again, the order of the Frisco steam power locomotive universe seems to be randomness. Those Russians with the air compressors mounted on the pilot deck:

    1619 (Richmond, 1917-18)
    1623 (Richmond, 1917-18)*
    1624 (Brooks, 1918)
    1627 (BLW, 1918)
    1630 (BLW, 1918)
    1632 (BLW, 1918)

    *1623 is an enigma...see photo of 1623 in QA&P - no air compressor on the fireman's side so I can presume it's on the pilot deck - http://www.frisco.org/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=1285&d=1129770677

    Howeer, lettered for the SL-SF, it shows side-mounted...

    My guess initially was that it was builder's preference, but that doesn't seem to explain why some Richmond-built locomotives do and some don't. It doesn't seem to jive, either, with previous ownership as indicated in "Frisco Power."

    As a side bar, Art Marsh has a photo of 1617
    from either 1938 or '39 lettered as FRISCO; "Frisco Power" shows the same locomotive c. 1950 with QA&P lettering on the cab.

    Go figure. If I weren't an "ENFP" temperament according to Kiersey, the inconsistency in the steam loco feel would likely drive me to model strings of cab units all day long. 8^)
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    Perhaps I have an answer to the enigma that you've posed Chris. In the book "Frisco Southwest" by John McCall and Frank A. Schultz, III is a picture of Russian Decapod 1624 with this caption: "At least two of the 1600s (1624 and 1613) received larger air pumps, mounted on the pilot beam around 1946." Since this was a retrofit, it would account for the lack of correlation between builders or previous owners and why, in photographs, the same engine would appear both with and without pilot mounted air pumps.

    The book contains the same picture of QA&P 1623 coming off the turntable at Quannah TX (BTW what are those black tubes in the foreground?). On the opposite page 1623 is shown on the turntable, apparently a few minutes earlier or later, displaying its front mounted air compressor.

    On page 88 Frisco 1622 is pictured in Vernon TX in June, 1949 with a pilot mounted air pump while on page 109 the same engine is shown at Enid OK on June 26, 1938 without it.
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    Another ENFP...I knew there had to be another one!

    Glenn in Tulsa

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