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    MoPac, Wabash, GM&O, perhaps CB&Q, all rank higher here (StL) than does Frisco.

    A sad state of affairs!

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    We (Frisco railfans and modelers) think the world of the Frisco and railroading in general as being very great and important things, but the "general public" at large thinks very little or has any real understanding of anything to do with railroading except maybe a "cute" toy under the Christmas tree. Especially when waiting for a long freight at a grade crossing. The "man or woman on the street" could care less if everything to do with railroads disappeared tomorrow. And the attitude probably isn't going to improve anytime soon. Meantime, these cabooses and engines in city parks are slowly wasting away...The way of steamboats and stage coaches. But me, I'll keep looking at my train photos and railroadiana and playing with my "cute" little trains. BTW, I wish I had a nickel for every time a (It's usually a female) visitor says my N scale trains were "cute."

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  3. Hi here is an old Picture of SL-SF caboose #217. I have never seen this picture before today so I thought you guys would like to see it. A copy of the picture was given to me today by Mary Stahl. Her Grandfather on her mothers side John Carrigan is in the center of the picture. I love that early coonskin look.:)
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins

    Caboose 217.jpg
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    Definitely a dandy. Ken Wulfert, I'll await identification on what one would call those trucks...
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    This is a "picture of a picture" scanned from Trains & Railroads of the Past, issue #33 1st quarter 2023. Original photo credit: Walter A. Appel circa 1962.
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    Hi Rob,
    I have not been able to find a good image of the #47, yours is the best I have seen yet. I also have not been able to find a match in HO scale. Any idea of the lineage of this caboose? The QA&P had cabooses that seem to have changed a bit, I have noticed 3-4 different designs. The steps on this one are very unique to me. Home built perhaps?
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    This caboose is similar, if not exact, to a once common style designated CA-1. If you are looking for an HO model, do a search for CA-1.
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