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Le Flore depot at ORM west end 4-19-2019

West end of depot near finished. Refurbished waiting room door now installed with new door handle and dead bolt. Door and window frames completed and awaiting painting. All siding in place. This will eventually be the entry point into the museum.

Le Flore depot at ORM west end 4-19-2019
Karl Stevenson, Apr 20, 2019
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    • Karl Stevenson
      The handicap parking is just to left of where i took photo from and rest of new parking area is just to left of that. The people visiting museum will eventually enter museum grounds from this point. They will be able to enter via the waiting room or just go around to right. People will purchase tickets inside thru ticket counter windows on museum excursion train run days. Frisco style depot name signs will be added to this and opposite end as well as any other signage that may have adorned the depot at some time or another when determined what additional signage had adorned the depot exterior, if any.
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      This is quite a big project.
      Being so well done.

      How many can work at this?
      How to plan financing?
      How long is this type of project take?

      All answers may help other museums to plan similar projects.
      I guess the model train layout stays in the old train car.

      Thanks for sharing, Karl


    • Karl Stevenson
      Well there are 3 of us primarily doing this project. We have help from about 5-7 other museum members on a rotating basis as they are available. Some of the work obviously has to be contracted out such as the electrical, plumbing for the restroom, etc. as per building codes. A commercial window company reconstructed period type windows from more modern weather resistant materials.

      They Museum board decided on getting it here and the other gentleman i work with on this gave them a cost estimate and they got estimates for the other stuff and said ok lets do it. Money was secured, either museum funds or from grants obtained and we went to work. We had to remove alot of older materials that weren't salvageable or viable enough to make the building acceptable, replace it. All this after laying the foundation and getting the moldering old depot set in place of course. Around December 2018 to January 2019 the exterior framing etc. and new roof were done. So early february we began having the windows replaced , started getting the siding (mostly new) primed and painted waiting for the weather to warm a little before installing. Between February and now we got alot of the exterior done weather permitting. When was too cold or snowing/raining we did some interior prelimary stuff as we had temporary interior heat to make it somewhat bearable inside to begin to accomplish some of the interior work rather than wasting time doing nothing while waiting to complete the exterior. It hasn't taken as long as we figured but there were some issues but we are doing good. Not going to rush and do shoddy work. The depot structure itself dates from 1908 and the state it was in when acquired was horrific, i was surprised that it had survived for so long as it had more or less been abandoned completely following its reuse and modifications done to it in the hands of a private individual, but it had at least survived. It hadn't been painted in years and time and weather had taken its toll on it. There was some interior graffitti in it and people had carved their names into interior woodwork. It was a tinderbox and it wouldn't have taken much to have burned it to the ground. But its going to be a good quality restoration as will be the future entry point into museum so a good job is beneficial. We could have honestly built a replica new build version from the ground up for less money but wouldn't quite be the same historically although visually no one would probably known it wasn't original. Alot of the cost associated was with preparing it and transporting it to the museum as it was relocated from a fairly long distance away, 175 to 185 miles give or take depending on the route taken.

      The model railroad will eventually have space inside a future 2 story freight house type structure in the museum expansion plan. Not sure when that may be, but if i am still around will try to incorporate some of the old layout into a newer bigger one. If it after i pass on from the world or just get too old to be capable someone else will have taken the reins over the model railroad and its future. I will probably donate my own personal model railroad stuff which is all on the museum layout anyhow to the museum with a stipulation they try to include some of the original layout into a new one if possible. But what transpires after i pass on or give way to someone else taking care of the museum layout will be up to them. I obviously wont have any concerns or ability to try to have some original section incorporated once i am gone, and maybe just starting fresh constructing a whole new layout would also be better. I am making a layout plan for the future with inputs from other modelers here about what we should incorporate/plan for in a new layout for the next group to work with if they would like. I think it would be neat to maybe have some of the original layout built into a new expanded museum layout along with photographs of any original section from the old layout displayed and indicated where at it is incorporated into a new layout.

      As for other museums they would have to go with want they can or want to do for some kind of depot restoration or something of that nature. Would most likely be decided by a museum board perhaps with input from members as to yay or nay and for how funded etc. More money and volunteers would make it happen sooner but depends on museum size, money available etc on how they would proceed. Alot of exterior contract help to do it or more self help via museum members type of thing.
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