Jan Jester

Jan Jester
cnwtrainman, May 9, 2010
    • Rick McClellan
      Wow, this photo takes me back a ways to Jan's house in OPKS. I did a really nice job recreating a section Newburg almost, if not, building for building. I remember going over several times to watch the steam run with the PFM sound system and thought I was in heaven. Thanks for a great memory.
    • gstout
      I remember the article in MR from back in the 1980s, but I notice now that he didn't model the dump at the top of the hill.

    • cnwtrainman
      I miss my old friend. Jan's basement was like FRISCO heaven and when I hear the new sound deciders and how crisp the bells and horns are I think about Jan's PFM sound system and how really cool that seemed. Rick Im glad you got some of his engines! At least a little bit of that dreamland still survivess.
    • meteor910
      I remember a morning spent in Newburg with Jan, Don Wirth and Joe Collias. Wow - talk about being together with three Frisco experts! I received a good education that day!
      I recall a gentleman who stepped out of the bar that sat over the Branch (a small creek), who asked us if the Frisco was going to bring back passenger service to Newburg. He thought we were Frisco folks.
    • frisco1522
      I could use the Houston House and corner bar buildings.
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