Frisco 1522 at the NMOT

June, 1982

Frisco 1522 at the NMOT
pensive, May 26, 2009
    • patrick flory
      Isn’t this the one that pulled the excursions? She’s stuffed and mounted now? Like SLSW 819, all dressed up but nowhere to go.
    • pensive
      @patrick flory, Yes, in her pre-excursion days. At least she's got a roof over her head now.
    • patrick flory
      I presume a victim of the Class 1’s not allowing steam engines belonging to outside parties to operate on their property.

      Oh the days. When I rode behind 765 at full track speed, and when the SR steam program ran yearly excursions down to our area. When after dark and running late you could see the firebox light on the laying-back trailing smoke and steam from the fireman fanning the firebox door, wow, lump in the throat.

      When the T&NO 745 was still allowed out on the KCS main, my railfan friend and I stood trackside when when she howled, screamed, and thundered by at a full 40, near her top speed. We were fully within her smoke and steam as this unbelievable spectacle shook the ground passing in the glory of railroading past. I looked over at my friend who had tears in his eyes and was almost rendered speechless, all he could manage to say was “.......MAN!!!!.....”

      What else in today’s world can do that to you?
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