E8A Citation 2016 - August 1965 - Memphis, Tennessee (Golden Spike Productions)

E8A Citation 2016 - August 1965 - Memphis, Tennessee (Golden Spike Productions)
FriscoCharlie, Jun 14, 2013
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    • tmfrisco
      Ok, what's going on? On the previous picture of 2013 and this one of 2016, the unit has a mixture of gold with no white outline and yellow FRISCO while the trailing unit clearly is seen in the later yellow scheme. Someone knowledgeable of the different paint schemes needs to chime in here to clarify what is going on. Terry
    • geep07
      See page 72 in Frisco Diesel Power by Louis A. Marre et al.
      Deliveries of E-8 units proceeded from #2007-#2015 before a revised painting diagram was drawn, listing names of famous race horses to be applied to #2016 upwards at La Grange and retroactively to units already delivered by Springfield Shop. A white separation line between gold striping or lettering and the red base color was also added, because of the insufficient contrast between gold and red areas.
      Some E-8 units never received the white separation line.
    • tmfrisco
      If 2016 was the first one to receive the white stripes per your reference, then my question still stands: what is going on here, because there is no white stripe and it has the yellow FRISCO on the side instead of the original gold. Also, if this unit did not receive the white stripe (which I find difficult to believe as it was the first one to be painted with the revised scheme), then the P2K E8 model of Citation is incorrect, which I also don't believe is correct. Terry
    • tmfrisco
      Well, I have finally learned what the answer is to my own question. In the book cited, "Frisco Diesel Power" by Marre on pg. 72 under the top picture it says, "In the interim between full gold stripes with white separation finelining, and the dreadful 'dipped red and a daub of yellow' that was the 1964 austerity paint scheme, there was a modified 'Full Meteor' scheme not unjustifiably termed the 'Meteorite' by some". Winchester # 2005 pictured is an example of this "Meteorite" scheme. There appear to be several pictures of units in this "Meteorite" scheme in this section on the E units. Anyway, that answers my question as to why Citation # 2016 in this picture looks like it does. Terry
    • yardmaster
      Terry, Dr. Mike Condren's website also includes his old FMIG Newsletter columns "The Paint Shop" where he sets out a rather detailed chronology and classification system for the various Redbird paint schemes. These columns are also available in the FMIG Newsletters on this site as well.

      Best Regards,
    • tmfrisco
      Thanks, Chris, I have seen that information, but I couldn't remember where. I will look for it again.
    • yardmaster
      I'd completely forgotten, too, that there is an index at Try it out searching by author.

      While I'm thinking about it, it seems like I've seen other photos of this junction where a red/yellow/green "traffic light" controlled the crossing? Or, perhaps that's another location in Memphis?

      Regardless, the semaphore on the fireman's side definitely looks shorter than normal.
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