Frisco Op Session June 18, 2011

The KC Frisco group operated on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 1 pm. Special guest stars Pat and Austin Moreland were part of the crew and ran the Ft. Scott local. Pat served as Engineer and Austin the Conductor. Other Frisco notables in attendance were (in no particular order) Ron White, Ray Wells, Patrick Furlong, John Moenius, Matt Freix, Ron Williams, Steve Christianson, Mark Davidson, Bob McKeighgan, Keith Robinson and Jim Sission. This was the first session that the Springfield Yard was operated even though the yard is not complete. The yard consists of two north long tracks and two south long tracks and 6-7 bowl tracks. At present only three bowl tracks are in place. Three industries were switched and the Bolivar Local (1313) was seen on the Highline waiting to get in the yard. This was a great meeting for the members to operate and get to know each other. Now that we know Pat and Austin we have a great contact in the St Louis area. Thanks to all. Rick

Rick McClellan, Jun 23, 2011
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