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  1. Carly
    Carly Jim James
    Hello from Brownwood. Please contact me at
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  2. yardmaster
    yardmaster gna
    Whoops. Sorry about botching your middle initial, Gary. "Measure twice, cut once." :) Thanks for letting me know. - Chris
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  3. w3hodoug
    w3hodoug geep07
    Great fascia color choice.
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  4. Joe Lovett
    Joe Lovett
    I've collected Frisco items for 20 years now. There are 137 Frisco items and 116 items from other railroad lines, for a total of 253 items.
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  5. greg
    Double 5 Generation Railroader and retired from 43yrs at BNSF/BN/FRISCO railroad as a Machinist
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  6. Jon O
    Jon O
    On-again off-again model railroader since the 70s. Casual Frisco fan looking to learn more.
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  7. Steamboat Granny
    Steamboat Granny FriscoCharlie
    Hello, Charlie, Can I post early historical information on the Frisco and its predecessors on here? If so, I need your expertise to know exactly where and how to post a short story about the early railroads in St. Clair County. I also have transcribed newspaper items(from the Osceola "Sun") which might be of interest to train historians. I tried to leave an example here, but it was too long.
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    2. FriscoCharlie
      You may certainly post. If you have issues, please ask in the support forum and a number of people will be able to help you.
      Feb 7, 2017
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    3. Bradley A. Scott
      Bradley A. Scott
      SG, I for one would love to see what you've come up with from Osceola and St. Clair County!
      Feb 15, 2017
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  8. klrwhizkid
    klrwhizkid Steamnut
    Back in October you asked a question on my profile page that I missed: if Tsunami 2 decoder will support DC conversion. Yes, they will by default run on DC or DCC.
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  9. cnwtrainman
    Living in Peculiar Mo now
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  10. Doyle W. Wilson
    Doyle W. Wilson
    I live where it all started....and unfortunately ended...
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  11. Joe Lovett
    Joe Lovett
    I've been a railroad modeler for 50 glorious years, since 1967, N scale for 33 years and HO for 17. For 19 years I've collected Frisco items
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  12. locomcf
    locomcf urbane cowboy
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  13. Coonskin
    Coonskin meteor910
    Hi Ken:

    If the 5217 FA/FB/FA picture is still available, I'll take it. I will be using PayPal.

    Andre Ming
    22419 Witteville Road
    Poteau, OK 74953
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  14. yardmaster
    yardmaster modeltruckshop
    Steve, I enjoyed your latest offering to MRH magazine - nicely done! Didn't realize the Frisco had any Dodge models...always something new to learn.
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    2. modeltruckshop
      Thank you. Not sure if you saw it or not but my GP 35 was in last month. Trying to get some FRISCO exposure out there!! They are on Ken Pattersons "whats neat" video too.

      As far as the Dodge goes. I may have unintentional misled you!! I have no clue if the FRISCO had them. I found a picture of one that the PRR had and copied it except the color and decals. I will attach a pic here if possible..?
      Nov 8, 2016
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    3. modeltruckshop
  15. jmoore16
    jmoore16 pbender
    Hi Paul -

    John Moore here. Very interested in buying the lot of N Scale Frisco Locomotives, especially the F7B! Let me know what you have and how much. Understand you want to EBay the GP7s. I'll end up with those also.


    John Moore
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  16. Matt Calahan
    Matt Calahan meteor910
    Not sure if this is how you PM but I am interested in the L&N publications if they are still available

    Matt Calahan
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  17. timothy_cannon
    timothy_cannon gstout
    Greg, did you get any takers on your O scale track?
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    2. gstout
      Some guy in Alabama bought it. BTW, whatever happened to you? My layout here is pretty much complete as far as the "infrastructure" goes, i.e., benchwork, track, wiring, timetable. I am about to take on scenery. You should come by and see it. You can still get free Diet Coke.
      Sep 14, 2016
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  18. jmoore16
    jmoore16 w3hodoug
    By chance, I heard you now live in Michigan. True? If you are in the SE part of the state, I will buy you dinner!

    John Moore
    Riverview, MI
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  19. yardmaster
    yardmaster GregHolmes
    Howdy, Greg - first, welcome to the group.

    Note that I've gone ahead and deleted the old profile that you'd set up back in February. Since the e-mail on today's profile looks to be different and since you've added a photo, I just went with the new one.

    Feel free to let me or any other moderator/admin know if you've any problems or questions.

    Best Regards,
    -Chris Abernathy
  20. train61
    train61 Brad Slone
    Just email me at "" thanks Jason Ross