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  1. mountaincreekar
  2. Bob
    Bob FriscoCharlie
    Where do I get QA&P HO scale decals?
  3. Turky44
    Turky44 Jesse Henry
    I am back into being interested in the Railroad.

    who was the other person that was in the conversation that we had a few months ago?
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    2. Jesse Henry
      Jesse Henry
      Mountaincreekar (Charles Petit)
      Oct 9, 2019
  4. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar fireball_magee
    I appreciate the "Likes" you gave.
    Follow my posts which are about "Real Stuff"
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  5. Boatdrinks64
    Historic Railroads and Mines In The Birmingham, Alabama Industrial District
  6. WindsorSpring
    The current camera is a Canon PowerShot SD960.
  7. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar WindsorSpring
    When you take these great picture of trains going by Windsor Spring, what type camera do you use?
  8. William Jackson
    William Jackson
    Yes, travel, dosen't seem very important after you have moved with the railroad 9 times. I really liked it, but am glad it's over.
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  9. gbnf
    gbnf William Jackson
    I understand. We came back to Oregon after my wife had leukemia. As the years go by, the decisions get more complicated. You want to be on familiar ground.
  10. gbnf
    gbnf William Jackson
    I used to see a few Frisco cars here on occasion. My grandfather, great grandfather and two great uncles worked for the Frisco in the 20's as station agents. What drew you back to Springfield from Vancouver?
    - George
    1. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Well actually I was transferred to KC as Roadmaster. I had a buddy with Florida East Coast, so I went to Titusville Fl and retired. It was too Hot in Florida my wife has MS, so we moved back to family, Springfield, Mo.
      Jun 30, 2019
  11. Raymond Anders
    Raymond Anders
    I work in the last 20 years at the U of Arkansas in Tool Crib .
  12. Glenn Tyson
    Glenn Tyson
    I will be done with my layout in the year 2525.... Txs for the add and I will try not to ask too many questions...
  13. Rodger McKinney
    Rodger McKinney Oldguy
    Bob do you have a 300 DPI version of the yards in Monett, in 1907?
    1. Oldguy
      Unfortunately no. I snagged off a Facebook post. Perhaps Forgotten Missouri.
      Apr 26, 2019
  14. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Steve40cal

    Perhaps extreme flammable and highly toxic cars need to be placed at the end of the train?
    Railroads need more safety training and inforced. It could also be laziness. Have to protect the public also.
    Lawsuits are not cheap.
    Enjoying reading all about the Frisco RR through Rolla, Newburg and down to Fort Leonard Wood Mo. Fall of 2019 want to start my build
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  16. jmoore16
    jmoore16 FriscoCharlie
    Hello @FriscoCharlie -

    Is the link on the support page to Pay Pal broken at the moment? I can't renew as a Supporter.


  17. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Jesse Henry
    Hi Jessie,
    Welcome to!

    You found the guy

    I am member mountaincreekar
    Charles Petit formerly from Eureka.

    I got started in by researching the
    the Lead Line
    and Salem Branch, Cuba to Salem
    to be continued by the reply
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    2. Jesse Henry
      Jesse Henry
      Yes thank you for messaging me Charles, the Lead Line is a pretty neat Railroad Spur and had a lot of history behind it!
      Mar 3, 2019
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  18. SooLineLar
    SooLineLar friscomike

    I'm not a Frisco fan but I am trying to have an answer to a picture in my possession that appears to show a significant event in the Frisco history. It appears to me that you are very knowledgeable in the Frisco so please refer to my post under historical / passenger cars / Photo 1913 and hopefully you might have an answer.
  19. Matt3985
    Steam Department volunteer at the Illinois Railway Museum.
  20. JohnBerry1953
    Would anyone know the age of the jug in my profile pic?